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hey errbody

so I know I haven't been active lately, or for awhile. school as well as personal life has been stabbing me in the side and making me a tired bum. but i'm still here more importantly.

this is to update marcus. while I was inactive, Angela was born (his and taylors daughter) so we can say she is two weeks now. just to give a heads up.

so yeah, sorry about the inactivity and feel free to like bump me in the head in case I dont keep my charries journals active. thanks!

trish <3
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Hi peeps.

Not that it matters nor will you probably care, in fact you may be very happy! Throw parties! Have unprotected sex! Steal a Jonas Brother (Nick J) and rape him in a back alley, tape it and then keep it for your memories because no one is going to believe you! But I'm going on a hiatus.

Oooo shocking.

Sorry I bother you all. Really I am. I don't mean to. I guess it's like someone said, I'm just immature =p Can't help it so MWAHAHHAHAHA!

I'm going to look for a second job, work all hard like an adult and try to start paying my bills on time. So once that fails, I'm sure I'll be back full force.

I guess it's a sorta hiatus, I'll be on aim, but not on Lj. So any convos that you have with me, please post.

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I am back from vacation...but only partially? Well I am packing because now I am moving to Florida, where I was visting. So I will be pretty busy this week. Though I have packed a good load already. Anywho, I will most likely be fully back this weekend or beginning of next week. But just giving a heads up that I am back! =)

Quick notice!

I just wanted to quickly establish where you should be posting things as to what goes in each community! In the OOC are all your out of character stuff, etc. The RP is all the AIM conversations which includes RPs or threading. The AIM is all your conversations and stuff. The text community is where you post text messages, phonecalls AND NOW GIFTS TOO, just so they don't clog up the rp community!

Thank you!
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Hey guys, I'm just letting you know that my pc is being very weird. I can't get on aim, and whenever I launch aimexpress it tells me that Adobe Flash plugin has crashed and reloading it doesn't help. I've done everything I can think of to set it straight but I think maybe I have a virus or something. So I may not be on very much until it's fixed, but I have tay set up on aim mobile so usually anytime after 2 I'm available. And i'm getting wireless hooked up on Monday so I'll be able to get on my ipod. Until then idk what to do =[

Yeah, another hiatus.

Hey girls.

I'm sorry to do this, but I really need to take a hiatus right now. I'm finally getting some help for a personal problem that I've tried to deal with on my own for a very long time. Needless to say, I really just want to focus on getting myself better, and until I know exactly what I need to do, I probably will not be on a whole lot. I hope to be back soon though!


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I will be taking a 2 week hiatus. I'm going to Florida to visit some family and friends. So just giving you all a heads up. See you in 2 weeks!

Lorelle :)
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I'm off hiatus, not that i was on it for a long time. I'm keeping both my characters after some chats with people.

Also, I would like to formally apologize to anyone who I have offended or hurt in the past. I honestly didn't mean to do either of those things and I'm truly sorry. If I do or say things that bother you, please feel free to kindly tell me that "you know Robin, when you do this, it kind of hurts my feelings/could annoy some people" or go to a mod and have them tell me. I'm not letting rp get too big and it honestly shouldn't hurt my feelings if you tell me nicely.

And i'm sorry if I seem pushy about plotting as well. You don't have to have your character talk to mine if you really dislike me that much.