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AlreadyGone OOC
27th-Feb-2011 07:26 pm
hair messy
Hi peeps.

Not that it matters nor will you probably care, in fact you may be very happy! Throw parties! Have unprotected sex! Steal a Jonas Brother (Nick J) and rape him in a back alley, tape it and then keep it for your memories because no one is going to believe you! But I'm going on a hiatus.

Oooo shocking.

Sorry I bother you all. Really I am. I don't mean to. I guess it's like someone said, I'm just immature =p Can't help it so MWAHAHHAHAHA!

I'm going to look for a second job, work all hard like an adult and try to start paying my bills on time. So once that fails, I'm sure I'll be back full force.

I guess it's a sorta hiatus, I'll be on aim, but not on Lj. So any convos that you have with me, please post.
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