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mmk, so this is aaron johnson. hes a 20 yr old actor, aspiring director. hes a quiet person, but has been looking to branch out and meet new and exciting people. so i guess this can be his plot page. if you have any ideas post here.

or his aim is windintheaaron
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so i'm back. that was what...over a week i was gone? but im not back full time, not as much as before. im just keeping nikki and marcus for now. i'll probably be bringing in another character, but other than that i still have things i need to finish and such. but i can multi-task i figure lol, so glad to be back (:


jello beautifuls! i'm just letting you guys know that roseanne and steph have asked me to help them with modding and stuff around here and i've gladly accepted because i love all you guys and i have some really awesome ideas and stuff to make it even more fun! etc etc etc, if you don't know who i am -waves- im chandni, you can get me at imgettingdizzy on aim, or at selenasnaps or nightinjonas if you have any questions :3 ily all!


Good Morrow all!

This is Taylor. He's adorable and sexy and adorable again. He's not overly hyper he's not exactly sh. He's a perfectionist he loves his friends and I very much would like to plot with EVERYONE.

So comment here and we'll figure out what we're plotting with him and your character =D

This is his Lj

taylaut92 is his aim

and Taylautneragrp is his twitter.

Character Twitter

It's been a while since we did this, but I figured maybe it would be fun to try and get the character twitters started up again.

A lot of people already have them, and the new ones would just have to create a new one and add everyone.

Mikes Is Mikeman_agrp

So if anyone wants to start a twitter for their character add him and then add the characters that he has on his. =D

If you already have a character twitter, Go and clean up your followers and comment here with whatever the name is. =D

And you can always set up your lj to your twitter that way if you post something here, it goes to twitter too! It's awesome.

hello :)

hi everyone! my name is Lorelle, I'm eighteen and a big fan of rping. I have been for some years now. so I'm glad to be apart of this rp.

this is Gianna Baines. I don't know what to say about her, you can always look in her application. but she is a sweet, ambitious, talented girl.

This is her profile/account. and her aim is imagiapet